The process begins with the olives reception.

After delivery, the olives are carried by the convevyor belt to be carefully washed and weighed where all kinds of solid impurities are removed, namely: leaves, branches, stones and dirt.

After sanitization they are stored and indentified in proper boxes. They are then pressed by the disc mill, which results in an olive paste that is pumped into the mixers and this is  where the first mechanical extraction begins.

Due to slow and continuos movements, for about 50 to 60 minutes, the first separation of the olive oil is made.

Our extraction is carried out cold at temperatures bellow 28ºC, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the product as well as the conservation of its organoleptic properties and phenolic compounds.

Then, this paste is sent to the decanter, which will separate the pasta in two stages: the clarified olive oil and the olive pomace.

Finally, the olive oil is sent to the vertical centrifuge and it is here that the olive oil is separated from any residual water that may exist and also from liquid impurities, for this water is introduced in the centrifuge to exist two liquids with different densities and thus make the olive oil separation.

From here the olive oil is weighed and check through titration the acidity of the oil. Then it is sent to the  storage tanks where it will decant for about two  to three months protected from light and oxygen.

It is very important to have maximum care in storage and hygiene in order to preserve its qualities.


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