A FábricaDouro arose from the determination and ambition of the managing partner, who presents himself as a man of convictions and with an unparalleled passion for agricultural activities. The history of the Company is closely linked to the life history of its founder, characteristically a person of strong determination, whostarted his activity by developing various works related to agricultural processes. 

“The Douro region is now beginning to stand out in the production and marketing of olive oil, with the quality and value of this product being recognized. ”

Álvaro Veiga

Previously known as  “Vale Fernando” and providing agricultural services, in the area of human resources and agricultural machinery rental, the company bet on a new strategy with the acquisition of modern equipment that performs all the support service, from land preparation, passing through the vineyard plantation, eding in the harvest.

The company emerges from the entrepreneur’s strong connection to the world of wines, combined with the knowledge he has acquired about quality wine production, agricultural processes and innovations in the field of equipment related to agriculture and the partnership as one of the largest wine companies in the Douro region, Duorum.    

From this relationship, the entrepreneur was able to absorb knowledge and skills, which today allow him to be successful.

“Compliance with the most rigorous and assertive hygiene and safety rules and energy efficiency are essential for a sustainable business”

Álvaro Veiga

Currently, the Poço da Velha red wine comes from the old vineyards from Quinta Fonte do Santo, which originate a high quality wine with very particular organoleptic properties.

FábricaDouro emerges with a new direction focused on the production of a high value-added agrifood product: olive oil.

The  Promoter recently acquired an abandon building, in the heart of the Douro for over 30 year, a building that has an area of 3500 m² where its surrounded by nature, over a beautiful landscape, where the vineyards, almond trees and olive trees, fill a scenario of pure nature.

In this new building, there is the Mill where the entire olive oil production process takes place and, is the Company’s headquarters. Partnerships have been created with the most inovative companies specialized in equipment and components in the area of olive oil prodution.


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